Niagara Falls Community Gallery

Location: Niagara Falls History Museum

Date: Ongoing

Immerse yourself in the history of the iconic City of Niagara Falls, from geological creation of our famous landmark to the daredevils that dared Mother Nature to the stories of the people who made our city. Three interactive stations in this gallery allow visitors young and old to touch Mother Nature, span the gorge and become a daredevil.

  • Community Gallery
  • Bridge building activity
  • Rocks from Niagara Falls
    Watch Fob

    Watch Fob made of Niagara Spar, c1890. The barrel contains a peep-hole showing five scenes of the Falls. Spar is gypsum, a white mineral which was gathered from the Niagara River bed and sold to unsuspecting tourists as petrified mist from the Falls.

    Wire Cable

    Wire Cable, c1900. Suspension bridge cable from one of the bridges that spanned the Niagara River.


    This costume was worn by Stephen Peer, the only local daredevil to cross the Niagara Gorge. His walk took place on June 22, 1887. While Blondin’s cable was 3 inches in diameter, Peer’s was only 5/8 of an inch.

    • Peer-Daredevil 1
    • Peer Daredevil 2

    Niagara Industry Items

    Niagara Falls location on the Portage Road attracted enterprising citizens who produced goods for travelers and settlers. The abundance of water provided advantages to industrialists as did the later availability of less expensive hydroelectric power.

    Support for the Niagara Falls Community Gallery was provided by:

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    Morse & Son Funeral Home

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