Niagara Falls Historic and Cultural Sites

Niagara Falls Art Gallery

8058 Oakwood Drive

Niagara Falls, ON

L2H 2Y6

(905) 356- 1514


Niagara Children’s Museum

8058 Oakwood Drive

Niagara Falls, ON

L2H 2Y6

(905) 356-1514

Chippawa Battlefield Park

9233 Niagara Pkwy

Niagara Falls, ON 

L2E 6S6 

A memorial service is held on July 5th each year to commemorate the fallen of all the nations involved in this pivotal battle. A focal point of the Battlefield is the memorial cairn, dedicated to the regiments and First Nations warriors who fought in the battle and commemorating the peace that has prevailed between Canada and the United States since that time

Niagara Falls Public Library

Victoria Branch

4848 Victoria Avenue

Niagara Falls, ON

L2E 4C5

(905) 356-8080

Also at the library:

Rosberg Gallery: monthly displays works by local artists

Sir Harry Oakes Room: the Library’s local history collection

Oh Canada, Eh! Dinner Theatre

8585 Lundy’s Lane

Niagara Falls, ON

L2H 1H5

(905) 374-1995

Fire Hall Theatre (Home to Niagara Falls Music Theatre Society)

4990 Walnut Street

Niagara Falls, ON

L2G 3N3

(905) 356- 4953

Neto Hatinakwe Onkwehowe Native Arts Canada

5017 Victoria Avenue

Niagara Falls, ON

L2E 4C9

Includes a gallery that showcases Aboriginal artists

National Historic Sites in Niagara Falls

Provincial Plaques and Historic Sites in Niagara Falls

Drummond Hill Cemetery

Location of the Battle of Lundy’s Lane and a very early cemetery that predates the War of 1812.

Historical Churches

All Saints Anglican Church

Address: 5680 Robinson Avenue

The history of All Saints’ Church begins with the arrival of Rev. William Leeming in 1820 in the Drummondville area. In 1830 Rev. F.W.  Miller arrived to assist Rev. Leeming. Around 1836 two clergymen had a falling out, resulting in Rev. Miller erecting a “chapel of ease”, St. George’s, on Main Street. The new chapel drew parishioners from Holy Trinity, Chippawa as well as from Rev. Leeming’s followers.

Following Reverend Miller’s death in 1847, Caroline Miller, his sister,  deeded St. George’s to Rev. Lemming. The structure was taken down ad a new All Saints Church was built in 1856. The land for All Saints was donated by Lieutenant General John Murray’s wife. Lieutenant Murray was a shareholder in the unsuccessful City of Niagara falls Company.

The dedication of the Robinson Street church took place on November 1857, followed by the consecration with the Bishop of Toronto officiating. 

Nathaniel Dett Chapel

Address: 5674 Peer St

Original Owner: Parnell, Oliver

Year Constructed: 1836

Architectural Style: Gothic Revival

The land for the church was donated by Oliver Parnell and his wife Matilda, both of whom had escaped from slavery in the U.S. for many people who followed the underground railroad and settled in Niagara Falls, this church served as the spiritual, social and educational centre of their community. 

Holy Trinity Church

7820 Portage Road

Year Constructed: 1841

Architect Name: John. G. Howard

Architectural Style: Gothic Revival

The present structure stands on the foundation of the 1821 church, burned by rebel sympathizers in 1839 on the foundation of the 1821 church, burned by rebel sympathizers in 1839. It served one of the oldest and most prominent parishes in Upper Canada. Such notables as Edward VII, Laura Secord and Swedish opera singer Jenny Lind worshipped there. 

Other notable buildings and districts

Adam Beck Power Station

Open for tours, hourly from 10am to 4pm.

Oakes Garden Theatre

Located at the foot of Clifton Hill, Oakes Garden Theatre is a highly decorative Beaux Arts landscape. It is historically significant, as “very few examples of landscape architectural design of this age or complexity exist in Ontario or Canada.” (P. Berketo, NPC Study, 2000)

Municipally Designated Properties

Follow the link to get a full listing of all designated properties in the City of Niagara Falls.

Stamford Green

3394 Portage Rd. - is located across the street from the church, a 3-acre triangle of land designated for the use of the community, administered by a committee of trustees, with the proviso that it never be built upon. It is the only surviving public green in Canada. The area around Stamford Green has many early houses and buildings.



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