Christ Church Anglican Church

Postcard of Christ Church Anglican Church. Coloured, shows trees, chruch and surround landscape

On 31 July 1865 the corner stone was laid for the building of Christ Church in Niagara Falls, Ontario. There were already Anglican churches at either end of the River Road, St. Mark’s in Niagara on the lake and Holy Trinity in Chippawa, Services had begun earlier in a second story hall on Bridge Street. They had been moved from there to the Railway depot.

The site chosen for building was in Clifton, now part of Niagara Falls Ontario, beside the Niagara River, midway between the falls and the whirlpool. The building was constructed of Queenston limestone and opened for worship on 17 December of that year It remained part of
the parish of Holy Trinity until 1874 when it was became a separate parish. The first incumbent was the Rev. E.H. Mussen.

The Church was originally part of the Diocese of Quebec and then of the Diocese of Toronto. In 1875 it became part of the new Diocese of Niagara. That year the choir was moved from the gallery at the rear of the church to the front.

The Mewburn family gave additional land to the Church for a Sunday School and a Rectory, In 1888 the Sunday School building and the rectory were completed.

In 1912 a set of chimes was installed in the tower, a set of ten bells, by McShane Bell Foundry of Baltimore, Maryland.

Black and white postcard of Christ Church Anglican Church

With construction of the international railway bridge the population of Clifton expanded significantly and Christ Church established a Chapel of Ease on Bridge Street for the benefit of members who found the Church on River Road to be too great a distance away. This ultimately became St. Stephen’s Church. Christ Church also became the mother church for the Brock Memorial St. Saviour Church in Queenston.

In 1935 a new tower was added to the church and the bells repositioned and refurbished. In 1988 major repairs to the building became necessary, A steel tile roof was installed and the walls rebuilt with steel studding. By Easter of 1989 the congregation was back in the building and the church was rededicated by Bishop Clarence Mitchell.

Christ Church welcomed some of the members of St. Stephen’s and St. Martin’s Churches with the closing of those churches. The rector in 2018 is the Reverend S. Paul Maynard. Their Web page indicates that the Anglican Church invites all baptized Christians of any faith to receive Holy communion. Their mission statement states, “Christ Church is a welcoming congregation that seeks to continually increase its membership; to share the gospel and God's love in our community, city, and diocese.”



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