Photograph of a work of art that was created by cutting paper and then framed

This memorial to Matthias J. Haun was handed down to his great-granddaughter who donated the piece to the Willoughby Historical Museum, now part of the City of Niagara Falls Museums. In life Matthias operated a flour mill on the west side of Stevensville. A grinding stone from the mill is now displayed in front of Stevensville Memorial Hall. Matthias and wife Ann Buchman rest in a family plot on the land they called home.

The craft of paper cutting travelled with Pennsylvania Dutch immigrants to this region. Though the art form crosses cultures, those of German origin know it as Scherenschnitte, meaning ‘paper cuts’.

Commonly a white design on dark background, ink or watercolour was sometimes used to enhance a design. Use your imagination to continue the memorial to Matthias.



In memory of Matthias J. Haun who died in the year of our Lord Eighteen hundred and seventy one, June the fourth, aged sixty eight years, seven months and eighteen days. Designed by Mrs. Zimmerman of Prince Edward in the year 1872. Feb the 28th.  
Niagara Falls Museums Collection W.95.G.529

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