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Welcome to the Walker Industries Research Room at the Niagara Falls History Museum; the Museum’s library. The Research Room is a reference library, which means that the books may be enjoyed inside the library but they may not be removed. The research room at the Museum is, much like the Museum itself, focused on the history of Niagara Falls. The library contains both secondary and primary sources. This includes the beginnings of the township such as information about Township Two: Mount Dorchester, Stamford Township, arrival of the Loyalists, prominent families and genealogy. War of 1812, early tourism, the different communities within Stamford Township and the amalgamation of these communities with Stamford Township to form what is today known as the City of Niagara Falls. Additionally, the research room includes resources about Canada, Upper Canada, Ontario, First Nations, United Empire Loyalists and other early settlers, Underground Railroad, Censuses, Upper Canadian Rebellion, Fenian Invasions, Confederation and the First and Second World Wars.

The Museum also has some articles posted online about local history topics.  They can be found in our History Notes section.

You can also check out our current list of books in the reference room.


There are a couple of resources on our website for genealogy purposes. Check out our Niagara Falls Museum guest ledger search for visitors to Niagara Falls starting in 1831.  You can also check out the list of topics and resources in our links section.

The Walker Industries Research Room is available to members of the public who reserve a time slot by calling the City of Niagara Falls Museums at (905) 358-5082 or emailing the Museum nfhmuseum@niagarafalls.ca

Teacher resources

We have a few resources that could be defined as “Teacher’s Resources” including Bobbie Kalman’s Series about Life in the Nineteenth Century and would recommend the following websites for teacher resources:

The Niagara Falls Museums 1812 Collections are available online with Teacher Curriculum and activities here

Other good sites include:

Historica-Dominion Institute

Historica-Dominion Institute Canadian Encyclopedia

Historica-Dominion Institute Niagara Historic Frontier

Brock University Map Library

Canada’s History Magazine

Dictionary of Canadian Biography Online

Niagara Legacy Council

Historic Plaques of the Niagara Region

KidInfo Inc. War of 1812 (tends to be American-biased information)

Niagara Falls History

War of 1812

War of 1812, Historians’ Perspective

War of 1812

War of 1812 Quizes

Canadian War Museum Education

For students we offer the same research assistance as our general public; however, we can also address proper researching skills and strategies, narrowing a theme to a thesis, writing skills and creating citations and bibliographies.

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