Community Art Project

Community Art ProjectCommunity Art Project 2022 - Lend a Hand

June 30 - September 8 | 6:00-8:00 Niagara Falls History Museum

Join us over six Thursday nights this summer at the Niagara Falls History Museum. Artist Wayne Moore will guide community participants to work collectively to create a powerful representation of empowerment. When we as a community come together, the possibilities are endless. Art improves critical thinking, encourages innovation, and strengthens the connection within community. The project culminates at Niagara Falls Night of Art on September 22nd 2022, where the final project Lend a Hand will be on display for the community. 


In 2019 local Indigenous beadwork artist Sam Thomas created a large scale beaded project that touched on the issues of the environment, land, water, and treaties with Indigenous nations. Thomas is a member of the Lower Cayuga Band of the Iroquois Nation and endeavors to break down cultural divisions through sharing knowledge and the arts.

CAP 2018Community Art Project 2018 - MEMORYAL

Artist Dougie Hayz usesed seeminly random, inanimate objects that one might consider clutter as reminders of a childhood full of life, laughs and love.

Hayz objective was to find others who still believe in the emotional healing power drawn from the tangible. This quest involvesed documenting testimonials of those who might remember a loved one through a type of flower and not through a bouquet of .JPGs. All of this will was captured in a digital format but expressed in a very mixed media.

CAP 2017

Community Art Project 2017 - Portraits of Niagar

Local artist, Emily Andrews took a step back in time to explore the history and technique of silhouette portraiture. She aided participants to create their own silhouette portrait and have their unique profile to become a part of the art installation, "Portraits of Niagara" unveiled at Niagara Night of Art on September 21, 2017. 

CAP 2015

Community Art Project 2015 - Waterfall

Brainkite Artistic Solutions created the Community Art project in the summer of 2015. They created a two story waterfall which flowed from the second floor window in our lobby space. The waterfall as created from paint sticks painted by the community. 

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