Family Day NOT @ The Museum

Ad for family day event with a child in glasses and a beaker

February 15, 2021 @ 11am & 2pm

This Family Day in Niagara Falls the Mad Science gang has 2 different FREE live, virtual shows that you can join. The science fun doesn't stop when the screen goes black though, as a variety of extension activities are provided so that the whole family can go all hands-on with science at home! Spaces are limited. Registration is required. 

To The Stars @ 11am - Just like your family, the human family is not a fan of being locked down to only one planet. Blast off with our space show that delves into what is out there in the vastness of space and the science we need to use to get there. 3...2...1...

To The Stars show registration

Bubble Bubble Bloop @ 2pm - Theme? We don't need no theme! Drop by on Zoom for crazy science antics, laughter and guffas and some of Quantum Kyle's favourite, funnest, and most fantastic science experiments!

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Check out the new Seek and Find Niagara Falls we created for Family Day 2021 too.  


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