Niagara Falls Night of Art

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Niagara Falls Night(s) of Art

September 23 - 26, 2021

The City of Niagara Falls is proud to host the 10th annual Niagara Falls Night(s) of Art - Lawn Party Edition! With the exciting developments happening behind the Museum property, this year's event will dazzle on the front lawn of Niagara Falls City Hall. Starting Thursday, September 23, you can feast your eyes on the imaginative lawn installations by artists Emma Lee Fleury, Ashley Marazzo, Victoria Brecht, Joe Cleary, Joanne Ring, Emily Andrews, and 905 Intergalactic Artist Collective.

Did you think we were done? Saturday, September 25, we have live entertainment from 6-10 pm featuring the musical stylings of DJ Marinko, acrobatics by Sara Lou Stuart, a virtual reality experience with Egan Henderson, spoken word from Taylor Peebles, Brainkite's Lamplight Sonata, and The Worlds Greatest NonsensicalWhimsicalFantastical Art Tour from Improv Niagara. Don't forget to check out new street murals by artists, Heather Fraser, Elaine Wallis, and Leona Skye

Also joining the party will be Queen Street Artist Group and staying open late with, food, drink and entertainment are, The Hub, Third Space Cafe, and Camp Cataract.

Please help us keep this a safe event. Social distance while onsite and wear a mask if you cannot maintain 2 meters social distancing.

Free parking after 5pm. For more downtown parking details, check out

Installations will be available starting on Thursday, September 23 at 5 pm and will be there until Sunday, September 26 at 9 pm. 

 4310 Queen Street, Niagara Falls



Ashley Marazzo

The pandemic has left people feeling isolated, abandoned, and cheated of life. However, just as nature pushes its way through concrete and old cars, life will eventually resume and blossom brighter than before. Use this piece to take a moment of silent reflection. To honour the memory of the missing and murdered Indigenous women and the children who died at Canada’s Residential schools, take in the red jingle dress Bellflower and small orange blossoms that adorn the space; look around at the large and vibrant flora growing from broken remnants of the past, and know that in time, like nature, we too shall “Flourish”.

Ashley Marazzo seeks to highlight the transient beauty of life. Raised in Niagara, the history and nature of the Region wove itself into her being. Ashley believes in working with materials which were available to our Ancestors - these resources link us to the past, help us remember our history, and remind us of our own resilience and strength.

The “Portal” Earth Art

The “Portal” Earth Art installation is an interactive, earthly, and meditative structure that invokes consciousness and connection with nature. This installation invites the interaction of visitors to stand, crouch, or lie down below, around, and within it. “Portal” encourages you to access the whimsy of your imagination, allowing the earth and sky to flow through you in a moment of contemplation. 

Emma Lee Fleury is a multidisciplinary artist and musician from Niagara. Her artworks and musical collaborations (Oak and Elm, Moonfox and Fat Moth) have ventured through an array of venues and festivals in Southern Ontario and West/Northwest of Canada. She recently received The Standards Readers’ Choice Diamond Best Local Artist Award 2020. She studied Sculpture and Fine Art at the University of The Fraser Valley in British Columbia, and received her bachelor’s degree in Studio Arts at Brock University. The concepts of her work revolve around perceptions of the Earth, the universe, and the abyss fused with theories about environmental issues and mental health as they pass through the human vessel in waves of love and mixed mediums. Her creations bloom and morph into sculpture, recycled and earth art, set design and installation, paintings, music, words, and more. 

Picture This
Joanne ring

With a nod towards Rorschach inkblots - a psychological test that analyzes individuals’ perceptions of inkblots - 'Picture This' nostalgically celebrates local lawn parties of decades past. It playfully references how these botanically-adorned images of a slice of time long gone are fleeting by nature, and how open they are to the perception and interpretation of the observer.
Joanne Ring is a local artist and a mother to two boys. In general, her artistic practice celebrates nature and history, and she predominantly uses discarded materials to promote sustainability while questioning wasteful lifestyle practices.

nature mandala/sit spotting
victoria Brecht

When looking at a mandala, it challenges one’s understanding of the unity between the cosmos and the individual’s place within it. It represents a journey within the individual viewer. Sit back and take a few deep breaths, then spend some time staring at the nature mandala. Notice the patterns, the colours, the textures, and the interconnectedness of the design. Allow your mind to get lost in its beauty. Victoria believes these mandalas carry energy, and with each person bringing in a hope, wish, intention, or prayer, the mandala gains energy which will pass to the community and the land.

Victoria Brecht is a multidisciplinary artist, but remains a sculptress at heart who dabbles in other mediums. She is continually learning new ways of creating and expressing via the arts and nature, and continues her studies with local art communities such as The Willow Arts Community in St. Catharines and Workman Arts in Toronto. In 2020 she was pleased to learn that she was granted New Career Artist with The Art Council of Canada. Victoria has overcome many obstacles in her life using art, and wishes to help bring awareness to mental health issues and our need to reconnect with the natural world.

Niagara’s VR Art Gallery
Egan Henderson

Niagara’s VR Art Gallery is a digital exhibition featuring artworks created by artists from the Niagara Region. However, these artworks are not physically present. The pieces in the gallery are digital recreations of physical art pieces, which is achieved using photogrammetry - taking a large number of photographs of the physical artwork from different angles and running them through a computer program, which creates a 3D model of the object to be placed into a virtual gallery space. This gallery is then traversable using a digital avatar in a VR or non-VR experience. The artworks within this digital gallery were created by ten artists from around Niagara Falls and the Niagara Region, each one adhering to the theme of “Resilient Innovation; Despite the world, we continue to create”. Each perception and interpretation of the theme is a unique expression of individual artistic style.

The creator of this project, Egan Henderson, is currently at Trent University working on his MA in Cultural Studies with a focus on gender in games and gaming. He was born and raised in Niagara Falls, and has always had a passion for the inherent art of games and the capability of digital innovation to enhance or deliver artistic vision.

In Lieu of Dog
Sara Lou Stuart

“In Lieu of Dog” represents a pivot, a new skin, donned over these long months of distance and isolation. Flying acrobat Sara Lou had her usual aerial practice grounded with the March 2020 closures, then two months in, her dog died. Her circus practice, now so different in shape but no less demanding despite being in her home, became a way to move through the grief and to keep the torch burning through the coming seasons. Behold, then, In Lieu of Dog: this stripped down ground acrobatics performance showcases mostly hand balancing tricks set to the spooky lullabies of our doom ensemble as we serenade our way through this world turned upside down. Through witnessing our performance, you join us in celebrating Niagara’s rich circus history and in celebrating our animal neighbours, namely the rarely seen red fox.

Sara Lou is an acrobat, painter, and performer from Niagara Falls, Canada. Her Dog was a ridgeback husky mix named Sadie (2008-2020). Fox-coloured Sadie was a circus dog herself in her younger years, preferring contortion as her discipline, and her presence was a staple in our neighbourhood landscape. She is dearly missed by all members of the Harmonic Shadow Circus ensemble.

Emotional Robots
Joesph Cleary

“Emotional Robots” is a series of small robot sculptures comprised of found everyday objects, paired with one large centerpiece sculpture that stands over seven feet tall. By taking often discarded items from everyday life and saving them from the landfill, this project aims to show how we can repurpose and use what's often considered garbage to make something new.

Joseph Cleary graduated from Toronto film school in 2005. He is a video game designer and instructor, and also owns The White Whale vintage shop located in downtown Niagara Falls.

Niagara: A History in Pieces
Emily Andrews

“Niagara: A History in Pieces” is a photomontage depicting a surrealistic Niagara Falls landscape that crosses multiple time periods. This piece includes references to many significant events, elements, and locations in Niagara Falls’ history including daredevils, hydroelectricity, Indigenous Peoples, the Underground Railroad, and Table Rock. Almost all of the images used in this collage are historical photographs sourced from the Niagara Falls Public Library’s historical database. This collage was entirely hand-cut and pasted together to create one cohesive image that features some of the iconic landmarks and figures of Niagara Falls.

Emily Andrews is a multi-media artist, actress, and musician from Niagara Falls, Ontario. She works in a variety of media, including oil painting, collage, installation art, and sculpture. A true surrealist at heart, her work is often inspired by science, nature, history, and her own strange dreams. 


In the Arms of Love
905 Intergalactic Artist Collective

"In the Arms of Love” This mixed media sculpture is made in the shape of a heart. It was created from a combination of metal, fabric, paint, love, and dedication. The name of our piece represents the result of many hands of several artists within our collective.  David Brien, Sarah Carter, and Amy Shaw all worked together during the COVID-19 pandemic to bring different skills, expertise, and sensibilities in diverse materials to this project. A welder, an artist and a tailor - what will they come up with?

Standing approximately nine feet tall and nine feet in width, this piece is physically imposing, yet engaging. It was creatively driven by a dream experienced by one of the collaborating artists from the 905 Intergalactic Artist Collective. From concept to creation, this sculpture took perseverance and teamwork. The title "In the Arms of Love" is a play on words, as the artwork is large enough to ‘embrace’ viewers and visitors and is also primarily constructed from the arms of chairs.

Lamplight Sonata
Brainkite Co. Artistic Solutions

The Lamplight Sonata manifested itself about 8 years ago when Brainkite came upon a collection of 120 vintage lamps for sale. It’s easy to look at a painting or a sculpture made of clay and see it as a piece of art, but opening up ones eyes to the idea that art can made from anything is truly the beauty of the Lamplight Sonata. The collection of lamps can be arranged throughout different spaces in such a way that they become a sculpture leading you through the terrain of a room or building. They wrap you in a warm, comforting and familiar feeling while virtually shedding light on how creativity can present itself.The lamps are then woven and wound through a series of connection points to a system that reacts to the varying frequencies of sound transforming them into a reactionary painting of light as music flows throughout the space.

Brainkite Co. Artistic Solutions is a collection of artists who develop and paint large-scale murals, window paintings, sculptures, alternative art installations, art direction, set design and props. They are extremely proud of their biggest creation to date, Camp Cataract, a camp themed bar/ venue/ event space/ and tuck shop.


DJ Marinko

Kaleidoscopic Party Dome for the Painfully Alone is a response to the isolation and paranoia of the Covid-19 Global Pandemic, a celebration of what might seem like the apocalypse - a chance to dance, indulge safely with friends, and see things reflected in a whole new kaleidoscopic light.

Marinko's art and music has been focused on the intersection between happenings (events, raves, parties, action, activism), collage (collecting, editing, mixing, remixing, appropriation, re-contextualization, re-imagination, re-engineering, re-visioning) and interactivity (call and response, responding to public energy & inviting participation, movement and ideas.


Improv Niagara

This ain’t your fancy-cousin-who-spent-a-year-in-Paris’ art tour! Improv Niagara is beyond excited to offer interactive guided tours through the wonderful exhibits on display for the 2021 Niagara Falls Night of Art. Except, we plan on giving our own interpretation of the works, through improvised scenes, discussions, unfounded-critiques and playful discovery!

We’ll explore and interact with the dozen or so exhibits on display (with or without their creators, present, wink) culminating by engaging with two large murals created for the NOA, which will serve as inspiration for a big fun improvised finale, (different every time!) The tour will terminate behind Camp Cataract and Third Space Café, where guests will be able to peruse these spaces further, and be encouraged to enjoy a tasty beverage or snack!

Tours will be guided by core members of Improv Niagara, Welland-natives Brie Watson & Dina Senior and Niagara Falls’ own Tino Notarianni, all of whom have been improvising and performing with the troupe since 2017 and have zero experience or education in art history.


Taylor Peeble

The Ethereal Mansion is a book of poetry written by Dorian Grey. Mr.Grey will be the shamanistic host into the journey of existential and ethereal perceptions that have formed into a “mansion” or a “maze”. Here you will listen to Dorian Grey read through the pages, see the changing walls, the movement of the halls, as with every poem read the expanse and existential existence of the Mansion is shown in a profound brilliance. There will be poems inspired by Philosophy of the many minds before us.Poems about spirituality will dance around us!Poems of Alliterations will distract and give rebirth to the profundity of the English language.


Queen Street Artist Group

Queen Street Artists' Group (QSAG) is a local art community that connect Niagara artists, art and cultural groups, art patrons and enthusiasts, as well as businesses and establishments that support the arts in the Queen Street Arts and Cultural District.

Our community consists of a virtual gallery website, a seasonal in-person exhibition and creative art space at The HUB Art Gallery, and special outdoor live art events. Throughout the year, we donate 20% of all our proceeds from art sales and workshops to support community programs in our Queen Street neighbourhood in Niagara Falls, ON


Heather Fraser

"We Only Have Everything" was supported by Heart Niagara. Designed and painted by Heather Fraser and Lee Thompson, as part of a downtown Niagara Falls initiative in August 2019. A simple geometric design, sprinkled with birds and butterflies, represents the relationship of balance between human impact and environmental conservation. The crane, a messenger, is leaving the scene; a romantic call to freedom found in nature and urban exploration. The rectangles and gold circles symbolize global currencies... and how poignant that in the midst of a global pandemic, these elements are literally fading on the wall. We Only Have Eveything reminds us to take a personal values inventory and figure out how rich we truly are.


Elaine Wallis

As a mural artist & designer my goal is always to create a show-stopper! You want to draw the viewer closer and encourage interaction and sharing! My idea is a bold twist on a historical theme. 'Wish you were here', the four most common words ever written on a postcard. Though we rarely mail a postcard today, we definitely POST photos and this will make an awesome photo op!

This old meets new theme features my design of a vintage style postcard using 50's style ephemera and bold retro lettering in classic colours. This east facing wall sees a lot of sun so I want to take advantage of those strong shadows cast by a painter working on her ladder. This unexpected trompe l'oeil image will definitely make viewers look twice!

30 years ago this was me, hand lettering business signs on Queen Street. I remember many long hot days often interrupted by conversations with curious local merchants. Working on this busy street was a social job and I loved hearing their stories. I am encouraged by the vision and excitement that is building Downtown and I would be delighted to get back up on the ladder to paint this mural and be part of the story.


Leona Skye

This piece represents inclusiveness in the community regardless of age, gender, sexual orientation. In lacking faces and being depicted in a spiritual form it shows the past, present and the future. How Niagara is home to many different populations, how love and community together teaches us to remember to honour each othe, to love freely, to respect our differences, and embrace it as home.



4681 Queen Street

This 1250 sq feet gallery features art from some of Canada’s award winning, leading artists known locally, nationally & internationally.

Open Thursday & Friday 12 – 6pm and Saturday 11 – 5pm

The Hub, Niagara Falls Community Art Gallery

4333 Queen Street

The Hub is Niagara’s newest contemporary art gallery, showcasing unique work by established and emerging Niagara artists and artisans. Our collection includes original paintings, glass, sculpture, jewelry, and more. It is constantly evolving with new and featured artists each month. All visitors are welcome, whether searching for that special piece of original artwork, or interested in seeing what local artists are creating today.

Birgie & Friends

Birgie and friends, Gift Shop, Gallery Studio

4343 Queen St., Niagara Falls, ON.


*Home of Albirg creations & *Birgie Original Paintings

*Reflections of Ontario cards & trivets

*Birgie Hand painted Acrylic Tiles * Niagara Match It Card Game

*Custom Orders-Looking Back Designs, Pet Portraits, Books 

*Pressed Flower Art & Cards * Paper Weights.

*Large assortment of Greeting and Gift cards

*Creative Fun Art Window Demos * many other unique items


4345  Queen Street       

THIRD SPACE CAFÉ is a social enterprise, serving ethically-sourced and locally-produced coffee and tea-based beverages, food, and handmade goods & artwork. We prioritize social change and compassion above profits and strive to provide a community space that is welcoming for all.


4317 Queen Street

And don't forget Camp Cataract - is it a bar? Is it an art installation? Is it a store? It is a little bit of each and so much more.


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