Niagara Falls Night of Art


Night of Art

Niagara falls night(s) of art

September 23 - 26, 2021

The City of Niagara Falls is proud to host the 10th annual Niagara Falls Night(s) of Art - Lawn Party Edition! With the exciting developments happening behind the Museum property, this year's event will dazzle on the front lawn of Niagara Falls City Hall. Starting Thursday, September 23, you can feast your eyes on the imaginative lawn installations by artists Emma Lee Fleury, Ashley Marazzo, Victoria Brecht, Joe Cleary, Joanne Ring, Emily Andrews, and 905 Intergalactic Artist Collective.

Did you think we were done? Saturday, September 25, we have live entertainment from 6-10 pm featuring the musical stylings of DJ Marinko, acrobatics by Sara Lou Stuart, a virtual reality experience with Egan Henderson, spoken word from Taylor Peebles, Brainkite's Lamplight Sonata, and The Worlds Greatest NonsensicalWhimsicalFantastical Art Tour from Improv Niagara. Don't forget to check out new street murals by artists, Heather Fraser, Elaine Wallis, and Leona Skye

Also joining the party will be Queen Street Artist Group and staying open late with, food, drink and entertainment are, The Hub, Third Space Cafe, and Camp Cataract.

Please help us keep this a safe event. Social distance while onsite and wear a mask if you cannot maintain 2 meters social distancing.

Free parking after 5pm. For more downtown parking details, check out

Installations will be available starting on Thursday, September 23 at 5 pm and will be there until Sunday, September 26 at 9 pm. 

 4310 Queen Street, Niagara Falls



Ashley Marazzo

The pandemic has left people feeling isolated, abandoned, and cheated of life. However, just as nature pushes its way through concrete and old cars, life will eventually resume and blossom brighter than before. Use this piece to take a moment of silent reflection. To honour the memory of the missing and murdered Indigenous women and the children who died at Canada’s Residential schools, take in the red jingle dress Bellflower and small orange blossoms that adorn the space; look around at the large and vibrant flora growing from broken remnants of the past, and know that in time, like nature, we too shall “Flourish”.

Ashley Marazzo seeks to highlight the transient beauty of life. Raised in Niagara, the history and nature of the Region wove itself into her being. Ashley believes in working with materials which were available to our Ancestors - these resources link us to the past, help us remember our history, and remind us of our own resilience and strength.

The “Portal” Earth Art

The “Portal” Earth Art installation is an interactive, earthly, and meditative structure that invokes consciousness and connection with nature. This installation invites the interaction of visitors to stand, crouch, or lie down below, around, and within it. “Portal” encourages you to access the whimsy of your imagination, allowing the earth and sky to flow through you in a moment of contemplation. 

Emma Lee Fleury is a multidisciplinary artist and musician from Niagara. Her artworks and musical collaborations (Oak and Elm, Moonfox and Fat Moth) have ventured through an array of venues and festivals in Southern Ontario and West/Northwest of Canada. She recently received The Standards Readers’ Choice Diamond Best Local Artist Award 2020. She studied Sculpture and Fine Art at the University of The Fraser Valley in British Columbia, and received her bachelor’s degree in Studio Arts at Brock University. The concepts of her work revolve around perceptions of the Earth, the universe, and the abyss fused with theories about environmental issues and mental health as they pass through the human vessel in waves of love and mixed mediums. Her creations bloom and morph into sculpture, recycled and earth art, set design and installation, paintings, music, words, and more. 

Picture This
Joanne ring

With a nod towards Rorschach inkblots - a psychological test that analyzes individuals’ perceptions of inkblots - 'Picture This' nostalgically celebrates local lawn parties of decades past. It playfully references how these botanically-adorned images of a slice of time long gone are fleeting by nature, and how open they are to the perception and interpretation of the observer.
Joanne Ring is a local artist and a mother to two boys. In general, her artistic practice celebrates nature and history, and she predominantly uses discarded materials to promote sustainability while questioning wasteful lifestyle practices.

nature mandala/sit spotting
victoria Brecht

When looking at a mandala, it challenges one’s understanding of the unity between the cosmos and the individual’s place within it. It represents a journey within the individual viewer. Sit back and take a few deep breaths, then spend some time staring at the nature mandala. Notice the patterns, the colours, the textures, and the interconnectedness of the design. Allow your mind to get lost in its beauty. Victoria believes these mandalas carry energy, and with each person bringing in a hope, wish, intention, or prayer, the mandala gains energy which will pass to the community and the land.

Victoria Brecht is a multidisciplinary artist, but remains a sculptress at heart who dabbles in other mediums. She is continually learning new ways of creating and expressing via the arts and nature, and continues her studies with local art communities such as The Willow Arts Community in St. Catharines and Workman Arts in Toronto. In 2020 she was pleased to learn that she was granted New Career Artist with The Art Council of Canada. Victoria has overcome many obstacles in her life using art, and wishes to help bring awareness to mental health issues and our need to reconnect with the natural world.


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