Niagara Falls Night of Art

 Niagara Falls Night of Art

thursday, September 22, 2022
6pm- 10PM

The City of Niagara Falls is proud to host the 11th annual Niagara Falls Night of Art- Party Like It's 1999!

This year's theme is inspired by the 90's – a decade that introduced exciting new technology, great music, movies, and television, as well as some truly unique fashion trends and of course, ART!
Expect a super-packed evening filled with art, live music, video, art installations, fabulous artisanal work, improv, delicious food and lots of laughs located in and around the Niagara Falls History Museum.
The event will occur at the Niagara Falls History Museum and on Sylvia Place.

Get excited! The line up for Night of Art is here!


Emily Andrews
Jungle Ling
Mike Hanson
Carlee McTavish
Dougie Haydon
Martina Judumija
Pepsi Girls
Marcel Grimard
Dillon Douglas 
Chris Louis
Lindsay-Ann Chilcott
Manuel Trujillo
Wayne Moore 



Alexandra Farrell
Sonia Aimy (African Women Acting)
Jaden Jones
Jaswinder Singh
Jennifer Gruhl
Jill Burton
Marco Ribeiro
Melissa Huffman
Natalie Baranick
Noah Cecol
Martina "Doom" Kudumija
Ashley Backstrom
Cecilia MacDuff
Daniela Llanos-Lee
Juanita Paulino
Megan Jesik
Sara Alward (Mineral Garden)
Stacey Tayler
Lois Sander
Tricia O'Connor
Violet Zylstra
Leona Skye Grandmond
Hassan Ghanati

Food Trucks

Tropical Fiesta
905 Hotdog Pound
Bigfoot Bistro
Shriners Creek Popcorn
Bacon Crazy 

Participating Venues

Dawg Pound Tattoo
Falls Barber Shop
Niagara Falls Wedding and Fashion Museum 

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