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Niagara Falls Night(s) of Art

September 23 - 26, 2021

The City of Niagara Falls is proud to host the 10th annual Niagara Falls Night(s) of Art – Lawn Party! We are very excited to be partnering with the Queen Street BIA to bring art to Queen Street (Queen/Erie Street and the lawn in front of City Hall). The Niagara Falls Night(s) of Art will run for four days and three nights (with an event the Saturday night pending pandemic regulations) with overnight security for pieces provided by the City.

What are we looking for?
Installation Artists
– are invited to submit a proposal outlining their involvement in the Night(s) of Art based on the following installation options (please note available fees for each piece are indicated below and the artist is asked to work within that budget). Artists may create proposals for as many projects as they wish, but may be awarded only one.

  • THREE Installations (large enough to have a very strong visual presence) Budget: $1500 each
  • ONE Window Installations: paint or wheat paste (10 windows with recognizable recurring theme, approx. 3’x3’. Location TBD) Budget: $1500

All installations must be strong, stable and secure, weighted down and/or attached to an existing structure or post. They must withstand the elements for a minimum of four days, with the potential of extending the display duration. All installations are pending approval of business owners and structural restrictions.

THEME: Lawn Party: Lawn, Earth, Garden Art – ethereal, fun or extreme

Artists will also be required to make a short video detailing the creation of their piece (example: time lapse of creation, video diary of creation/progress, explanation of piece, etc.). This video will be used at the event and shared on social media for promotional purposes.

Note for performance artists and artists/artisans looking to sell their work unfortunately due to the constraints of social distancing and the very different nature of this year’s event, we are unable to accept applications for performance artists and artists/artisans looking to sell their artwork. 

Selection Procedure
Prior to the submission of their proposal, all artists must book a MANDATORY virtual conversation with event organizers to informally discuss their potential piece. Email [email protected] to organize. Please reach out to organizers by July 2, 2021.  

Residents and students of Niagara are encouraged to apply. Proposals will be carefully reviewed and selected based on originality and interaction with the lawn and urban streetscape. Standard conflict of interest guidelines apply.

Artists are asked to submit their proposals by email to [email protected].  All proposals must be submitted no later July 18, 2021 at midnight.

In your proposal, please include:

  1. Full name, mailing address, and phone number
  2. Which artistic piece you are proposing to create
  3. A brief description of your concept including size, number of components, etc.
  4. A rough materials budget
  5. A rough sketch of piece(s)
  6. Clear description regarding stabilization and installation of piece(s)
  7. Four (4) JPEGs (formatted: LastName_Initial_NOA#1-4), a web link, or video documentation representing your work
  8. A short biography

All proposals will receive individual follow-up regardless of outcome. For more information, please contact: [email protected]


The City of Niagara Falls reserves the right to reject any or all submissions.



Off the Wall by: Justus, Enzo & Niche

Many of us, regardless of age, colour, creed, or class, have over the past few months had to reevaluate their perception of fun. Maybe finding new fun in old ways, or having fun with something new. This installation hopes to lend a new perspective of letters we've all experienced in two dimensions as graffiti throughout our visual domain. Taking letters off the wall or out of the screen opens up opportunities for a more interactive experience, in a less conventional way.  It is our lighthearted contribution to alternative thought during a heavy time.

Justus Duntsch is an interdisciplinary artist producing and presenting various creative projects in and around the Niagara Region; individually as well as through his small cultural enterprise, Juice Willis Entertainment. @justuseoghainduntsch

Enzo is an established artist mainly working between Niagara and Toronto, consistently producing visual excitement through his exploration of light, form, and colour. @juice_willis.ent

Niche makes up one half of the local duo, Niagara Murals. Solo and in collaboration, this soulmate team, Niche + Frenly, have carved out a significant place in the local mural scene over recent years. @niagaramural


Liquid Colours  by: Manuel Trujillo

This larger than life faucet uses colour, size, perceived motion and the illusion of depth to change the frequency of an every day object into something playful, interactive, fun and surprising when placed in an urban environment. The faucet serves as a reminder that the ordinary can be extraordinary with a tweak of frequency.

Originally from Mexico, Manuel Trujillo is a three-dimensional artist residing in Niagara Falls.  

Passionate for detailed shapes and the use of colour, he is now flirting with the mechanics of movement. “I want to gift my sculptures with the illusion of being alive, creating a memorable interaction with the viewer.”


NESTING by Emma Lee Fleury

This recycled/eco art installation is a representation of nesting as a result of naturally seeking habitat and a place to call home in lieu of all-encompassing isolation and loneliness culminating in forms of hives. The hive shape is an ode to the importance of awareness for the diminishing bee population in all of Northern America due to climate change and the use of harmful pesticides. The idea of togetherness represents the strength of community here in Niagara and beyond. The plants signify the influence of bringing gardening and biodiversity into urban landscapes. The use of recycled materials and garbage collected from the shores of Lake Ontario is an attempt to use non-biodegradables in efforts to reuse and raise awareness of the ongoing pollution and destruction of Earth as well as opening the human experience and stream of consciousness to creative ways of innovation. This project comes with the opportunity for a multitude of perceptions through audience interactions and imagination, the conceptualization of what nesting means to me is just one version of interpretation.

Emma Lee Fleury is a multidisciplinary artist/musician from Niagara, Canada. Her artworks, installations, and musical collaborations have ventured through an array of venues and festivals in Niagara, historic venues of Toronto/The GTA, and West/Northwest of Canada. The concepts of her work revolve around perceptions of the earth, the universe and the abyss in reciprocal motion with energies that render one grounded, the environment, time in presence and in memory, passing through the human vessel in waves of love and mixed mediums. Her creations bloom and morph into recycled sculpture, earth art, set design/installation, paintings, music, sounds, words and more.


STRANGE RHYTHMS by: Emily Andrews

Strange Rhythms is a visual representation of a secretive habit I’ve carried on for years. Partially influenced by my background in theatre, making faces in the mirror has become a weekly ritual for me that is often brought on by various triggers such as procrastination, waking up in the morning, relieving stress, or just a pure impulse to be silly. These facial dance moves are part of my daily reminder to not take life or myself too seriously. Please enjoy my performance and feel free to laugh at my expense. If you’re feeling brave enough, I welcome you to take part in the dance.

Emily Andrews is a multi-media artist, actress, and musician from Niagara Falls, Ontario. She works in a variety of media, including oil painting, collage, installation art, and sculpture. A true surrealist at heart, her work is often inspired by science, nature, history, and her own strange dreams. To see more work by Emily Andrews, visit


Crashed Colour Clash by: Melani Pyke

Each painted window area shows a different thing people might be drawn to in order to find colour or add colour to their surroundings, including fashion, nature, art materials, decorations, and even food. Like a bright sunset at the end of a dull routine day, colour enriches our lives in unexpected ways. The images are customized and fitted to each location within the greater design in consideration or collaboration with the other installation artists, creating an impactful, vibrant atmosphere. To emphasize chaos and explosion, I painted the effect of faux broken glass to create the feel of objects bursting right through the windows.

Melani Pyke paints custom temporary window installations for 50+ locations every year throughout Niagara and the GTA. she lives in Crystal Beach and is known for public wall and window murals, but has also been reaching people worldwide for over 25 years with her oil and acrylic paintings on canvas. Although recognized by international art curators and collected throughout North America, Europe and Asia, she continues to play an active role in the local community by leading art classes for all ages and painting live at events.



4681 Queen Street

This 1250 sq feet gallery features art from some of Canada’s award winning, leading artists known locally, nationally & internationally.

Open Thursday & Friday 12 – 6pm and Saturday 11 – 5pm

The Hub, Niagara Falls Community Art Gallery

4333 Queen Street

The Hub is Niagara’s newest contemporary art gallery, showcasing unique work by established and emerging Niagara artists and artisans. Our collection includes original paintings, glass, sculpture, jewelry, and more. It is constantly evolving with new and featured artists each month. All visitors are welcome, whether searching for that special piece of original artwork, or interested in seeing what local artists are creating today.


Birgie & Friends

Birgie and friends, Gift Shop, Gallery Studio

4343 Queen St., Niagara Falls, ON.


*Home of Albirg creations & *Birgie Original Paintings

*Reflections of Ontario cards & trivets

*Birgie Hand painted Acrylic Tiles * Niagara Match It Card Game

*Custom Orders-Looking Back Designs, Pet Portraits, Books 

*Pressed Flower Art & Cards * Paper Weights.

*Large assortment of Greeting and Gift cards

*Creative Fun Art Window Demos * many other unique items



4345  Queen Street       

THIRD SPACE CAFÉ is a social enterprise, serving ethically-sourced and locally-produced coffee and tea-based beverages, food, and handmade goods & artwork. We prioritize social change and compassion above profits and strive to provide a community space that is welcoming for all.


4317 Queen Street

And don't forget Camp Cataract - is it a bar? Is it an art installation? Is it a store? It is a little bit of each and so much more.


Questions? Send us an email at [email protected]

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