A Woman's Work is Never Done

January 29, 2022 - November 13, 2022

Banner of four local women

Man may work from sun to sun,

But woman’s work is never done.

The definition of Women’s Work has evolved over time. Once, it defined any work historically undertaken by women, especially domestic tasks such as cooking, cleaning, and child rearing. As we enter a new decade of the 21st-century and gender roles continue to shift and grow, we understand that women’s work is a much more complex, all-encompassing term that defines all work that women do, both paid and unpaid.

By weaving together a collection of Niagara Falls stories, this exhibition seeks to celebrate the diversity of women’s roles within the labour force. It highlights not only the success of women in traditional roles, like teaching and nursing, but also showcases the strong contributions carved out by female leaders in our community as artists, broadcasters, activists, historians, managers, and politicians.



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