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Big snowflakes, blustery winds and snowdrifts. Love it or hate it, snow is an essential part of the Canadian landscape. 

Mittens and a saddle cover on display in SNOW the exhibition

Opening on January 26, 2016, Snow, the first exhibition of its kind in Canada, portrays the amazing love-hate relationship that the inhabitants of this great land have had with snow since the arrival of the First Peoples in North America. Created by the Canadian Museum of History in partnership with the J. Armand Bombardier Museum, Snow gives visitors a historical and cultural perspective on this element of nature as a source of adaptation, passion, ingenuity and creativity. 

Folk art on display in SNOW the exhibition

Drawing from the Museum of History’s collections, the exhibition team has amassed more than 40 artifacts, photos and documents from various eras. These objects give visitors an appreciation of the many facets of a weather phenomenon that affects a large portion of our lives.

The artifacts and documents chosen represent how we deal with the challenge of snowy winters today, as well as how we have coped with snow and adapted our lifestyles around it in the past. Visitors will see sleds with foot warmers, snowshoes for horses and skis from different periods. Snow-related art, from ancient Inuit sculptures to works by Canadian painters and writers, will also be exhibited.  

Gain a better understanding of our connection with snow, which is an integral part of our culture, history and identity.

Part of the appeal of this unique exhibition is the contribution made by Canadians across the country who supplied the Museum with photographs illustrating their relationship with snow

Only on display from January 26, 2017 until April 15, 2017

Snow goggles on display in SNOW the exhibition

Carving of an Inuit sled team on display in SNOW the exhibition



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