Mission, Vision and other information

Our Mission

The Niagara Falls Museums is a team of staff and volunteers who are resourceful and enthusiastic in telling the story and preserving the ongoing culture and history of Niagara Falls. We are dedicated to promoting pride of place and engaging the community.

Our Vision

We will be the centre for historical and cultural activities in Niagara Falls through community awareness, participation and engagement.

Strategic Plan

Our Current Strategic Plan (2016-2017) sees us achieving this through creating partnerships, improving our image and developing and delivering quality programmes and events for the community.  For details about our current plan, please contact the Museum.

2015 Community Report

Contact the Museum to receive a copy of the report.  Below you will find the important statistics and information contained in the report.

Who visited us this year

Niagara Falls 16%
Niagara Region  6%
Ontario 23%
Outside ON 6%
U.S 40%
Rest of the world 9%

A Centre of the Community

1700 Volunteer Hours
14 new community partnerships
18 Stamford Collegiate First Nations, Metis and Inuit youth and their friends explored themes around self-identity in “Being Cindy Sherman” exhibition

Contributions to community fundraising activities

Glynn A Green Fun Fair
Ecole Elementaire
Niagara Acro Cats
Niagara Falls Public Library
Niagara's Finest Art and Music Exhibition
Canadian Deafblind Association Ontario Chapter
The Kidney Foundation of Canada, Ontario Branch
Wellspring Niagara
Rotary Club of Niagara Falls
OPG Winter Festival of Lights

2015 Donors

Bank of Montreal
George Dunn
George & Teresa Dyck
Dino Fazio
Friends of Stamford Village
Cindy Milner
Jonathan Milner
Niagara Community Foundation
Patterson Funeral Home
Willoughby Historical Society

Event and Program Sponsors

Oast House Brewery

Donors to the Collection

John Ainslie
Sharon Allen
Cady Berardi
Domenic Caruso
Malerie Dorman
Don Ede
Peggy Erwin
Kathleen Ferro
Marcia Hoag
Linda Killip
Town of Lincoln
Risto Liipere
Brian Merrett
Wilma Morrison
Lt. Col. Bernard Nehring
Crystal Nelson
Peter Richmond
Anthony Roberts
Violet Wright
Sherman Zavitz

Financial Support also provided by

City of Niagara Falls
Government of Canada\
Province of Ontario

Project Partners

Niagara Falls Art Gallery
Brock University
Stamford Collegiate
Ontario Genealogical Society-Niagara Branch
The Counsell Family
Bob & Vera Gale
Niagara Historical Society &  Museum
Stephen B. Shanfield M.D.
TAG Art Gallery
Ed Werner

Preserving and Presenting Culture and Heritage in the City of Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls Night of Art - September 24

650+ visitors
9 musical performances
19 artist exhibits
6 live author readings
5 art installations
5 interactive art exhibits 

Programming and Services

104 People came out to Swing Fever and danced to the sounds of the Peter Shea Quintet Swing Band

60 School children had their projects on display @ the Museum during the DSBN Regional Heritage Fair

1722 School children participated in one of our educational programmes

1243 students tried on chain-maille, made a coat of arms, learned a period dance and watched some Knights battle over the past three years during GOING MEDIEVAL educational programme.

 Development of The Insiders volunteer corps

Start of “History Talks” oral history project

More Vital Statistics

969 spent Family Day at the Museum
161 research inquiries answered
15 local artists performed in the Courtyard this year
1750 paint sticks decorated for “Outside Your Window”
1162 visitors met Ontario wildlife at the Museum
242 people participated in yoga this year at the museum
175 artists contributed to “Outside Your Window” installation
547 new acquisitions
28,839 Names transcribed from Niagara Falls Museum Visitor Books

What people said about us

“Informative, engaging, meaningful, strong tour leaders” – Grade 6/7 teacher

Overall an amazing well organized experience. The students enjoyed themselves and learned a lot.” – Grade 3

“It was a wonderful experience and very relevant to Ministry expectations. I look forward to visting the museum again, with both my students and family. I also loved the fact we could utilize the municipal city bus service. What a great connection and experience!!!!” – Grade 5 teacher

“Great stop along the Greater Niagara Circle Route cycling path”
Trip Advisor Review

“Wonderful in all aspects.” – Grade 6 teacher  

“This place is great. The atmosphere is relaxed and laid back. The staff's interest in how your tour is going is genuine. This museum is a welcomed addition to the list of things-to-do in Niagara Falls. “
Trip Advisor Review

“A Refreshing Change”

“This was a refreshing change from the tourism trash that is thrown at us in all tourist traps - not just Niagara Falls. “
Trip Advisor Review

2014 Community Report

Check out our report to find out about what we got up to, statistics and information about our achievements.


2013 Economic Impact Statement

Our Museums:

  • Employ 13 people in our community (9 FTEs)
  • Spends over $300,000 each year on goods and services in our community
  • Served over 12,000 visitors on site and over 30,000 virtual visitors in 2013
  • Served over 2100 schoolchildren in 2013
  • 450 schoolchildren attended our Medieval Week program
  • Provides access to all on Thursday nights with free admission after 5pm
  • 77% of our casual visitors are from out of town
  • Provided interesting and relevant co-op placements to Stamford Collegiate, Niagara College, Brock University and Fleming College Students in 2013


Event Attendance

Has brought residents to the Main and Ferry area to events during:

  • Niagara Falls Night of Arts - over 500 attendees
  • Family Day (new event) - over 1000 attendees
  • March Break (new event) - over 700 attendees over 4 days
  • Hear the Cannons Roar (new event) - over 400 attendees

Museums In Canada

  • 47.8% of all Canadians 15 or older visited a museum in 2010
  • The percentage of Canadians visiting museums has increased by 15.1% since 1992

Museums in Ontario

  • 9.5 million overnight tourists participated in arts and culture activities during their trips in 2010 -representing 22% of all Ontario’s overnight visitors
  • The average Ontario arts and culture tourists spends twice as much per trip as does a typical tourist - $667 per trip versus $374
  • 44% of North American tourists say that arts and   culture was their main reason for travelling for at least one of their trips


For a PDF version of our 2013 Economic Impact Statement, please contact the Museum.





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