2022 Digital Tours

Offerings for Schools

Digital Tours

45 minutes | $50 per class

Explore the entire Museum OR the Drummond Hill Cemetery

Includes Q&A with Museum staff

Museum: A general tour of permanent and temporary galleries. Content includes War of 1812, daredevils, bridges, civic infrastructure, tourism of Niagara Falls, indigenous history, etc.

Cemetery: Explore the extraordinary individuals from our community buried there, including: Laura Secord and other individuals connected to the War of 1812, Burr Plato (freedom seeker that used the Underground Railroad to come to Canada, became one of the first Black members of government in Canada), Niagara daredevil Karel Soucek, WWI/WWIII veterans, and many others. The cemetery is also part of the battleground of the Battle of Lundy’s Lane, which will be explored through the various monuments.

Customizable Digital Tours

75 minutes | $75 per class

Work with Museum staff and cater a tour to your specific curricular needs.

Includes Q&A with Museum staff

Some options include:

  •        War of 1812 (including both the Museum and Drummond Hill Cemetery)
  •        Indigenous History
  •        Role of museums in society; artefact discovery and conservation. Would include a tour of our artefact vault.

To Book School Offerings

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Offerings for Adult Groups

Virtual Tours

60 minutes | $75 per Group

Explore the entire Museum

Includes Q&A with Museum staff

Content: A brief history of the Museum followed by general tour of our temporary and permanent galleries. Content of temporary gallery is dependent on current exhibit at the time of tour. Our permanent galleries feature subjects such as War of 1812, Battle of Lundy’s Lane, Early Tourism in Niagara Falls, The Falls and Bridges, Daredevils, Black and Indigenous history, Commerce and Industry, etc.

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