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1812 battle uniformWorld War I 

Discover the Great War through primary source materials in the museum’s collection. Students will explore the museum galleries, analyze photographs and critically assess personal correspondence to immerse themselves in the wartime experience.


Grade 10 & 12 |  $150 Half Day | $250 Full Day

Curriculum Connections: Grade 10 – History since World War I, Grade 12 – Canada: History, Identity, and Culture, Grade 12 – The West and the World  

Museum Detectives 

Explore the role of museums in our society and the importance of artefact preservation. Students will be given an artifact in small groups and asked to accession it into our museum collection, discover its purpose or function and reflect on why these once popular objects are no longer in use in our modern society.

Grades 3-8 | $150 Half Day| $250 Full Day


This programme is a great introduction for Heritage Fairs. Ask us how to pair it with a trip to the Niagara Falls Library for an instructional programme about using Library resources for research, with an emphasis on databases and digital collections. Plus they’ll share some of the treasures of the Local History Collections.

Curriculum Connections: Promotes Concepts of Social Studies/Historical Thinking - Continuity and Change, Interrelationships and Historical Perspective, gather information from primary sources, and interpret/analyze data.


Old Niagara Falls fire department helmet


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