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The museum offers a wide variety of tours both at the Niagara Falls History Museum and the Drummond Hill Cemetery, located a five minute walk from the museum. Each tour is catered to the specific curricular needs of each grade attending. 

Niagara Falls History Museum

Explore one of Canada’s best 1812 collections in a space designed with audio-visual ambiances of war and hands-on activities in the Gale Family War of 1812 Gallery. Learn about the history of world famous Niagara Falls, its community, its people and their stories in the new Community Gallery. Return to experience rotating exhibits in the Ontario Power Generation Temporary Exhibition Gallery. Request a customized tour which reflects one or all of the galleries mentioned. 

 Kindergarten - Grade 12 | 45 minutes | $3 per student 

Battlefield Tour

Walk in the footsteps of an 1812 Soldier on the Lundy’s Lane Battlefield located at Drummond Hill Cemetery. Explore such topics as the lay of the land as it was in 1814, the experience of soldiers and civilians, tactics used in the battle, and the aftermath and effects of the battle.

Grades 7, 11, 12 |  45 minutes |  $3 per student

Kids at Drummond Hill Cemetery

Drummond Hill Cemetery Tour

This tour offers a unique opportunity to discover Niagara Falls through a visit within one of the most historic cemeteries in Canada. This tour provides a glimpse into the lives of some of the famous and not so famous people from the history of the city. The tour will also include a brief introduction to the Battle of Lundy’s Lane, which took place on the grounds of the cemetery.

Kindergarten - Grade 12 | 45 minutes | $3 per student

kid llok at gravestone with magnifying glass

Museum and Battlefield/Cemetery Tour

Combine the best of both worlds! Begin by touring the museum galleries, then walk to the Drummond Hill Cemetery for a tour focusing on the battlefield or the stories of those buried there.

Kindergarten - Grade 12 | 90 minutes | $4 per student


Battle Ground Hotel Museum Tour

Situated a five minute walk away from the Niagara Falls History Museum, the Battle Ground Hotel Museum is a restored 1850’s tavern which sits on the site of the Battle of Lundy’s Lane. The tavern houses furnished period rooms and artefacts from the War of 1812. Students are guided through the experience of early tourism and tavern life of 1850’s Niagara and its fascination with the famed battlefield.

Please note the Battle Ground Hotel Museum is open for tours April-October.

Kindergarten - Grade 12 | 30 minutes | $2 per student

Battle Ground Hotel

Self-Guided Tour

Come explore the museum independently. Stay as long as you like and explore at your own pace. Teachers are welcome to come to the museum ahead of time and plan their own lessons in our galleries.  Such a tour can incorporate curriculum for art classes, exploring building design, history, community and many other aspects of the curriculum.

Kindergarten - Grade 12 | $2 per student

Curriculum Connections: 

Grade 1 – The Local Community, Grade 2 – Changing Family and Community Traditions, Grade 3 – Communities in Canada, Grade 4 – Political and Physical Regions of Canada, Grade 5 – First Nations and Europeans in New France and Early Canada, Grade 6 – Communities in Canada, Past and Present, Grade 7 – Canada, 1800-1850, Grade 8 – Creating Canada & Canada 1890-1914, Grade 10 – Canadian History Since World War 1,  Grade 11 – American History, Grade 12 – Canada: History, Identity, and Culture 




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