The Niagara Falls Museums are a municipally-run trio of sites dedicated to preserving the history of the City of Niagara Falls and the surrounding area. Using both artifacts and text, they highlight the large and small things that made up daily life in the area’s rich history. Exhibits in the newly renovated and expanded Niagara Falls History Museum include the War of 1812, stories about Sir Isaac Brock and Laura Secord, Black history, and historic souvenirs. The Battle Ground Hotel Museum focuses on early tourism, from a time when tourists came to see not just the falls but also the 1812 battlefields. Willoughby Historical Museum looks at everyday rural life in Willoughby Township and commemorates the Battle of Chippawa. All three sites house extensive collections, and offer programs and activities for schools and the public.

In addition to our Museums, we have included information about the National Historic Site of the Battle of Lundy's Lane and the events happening in Niagara Falls around the 200th anniversary of the War of 1812.

Niagara Falls has been one of North American's must see destinations for centuries.  The Museum collection reflects this history in many ways.  We are located just minutes from the heart of Niagara Falls in the Main and Ferry Area of the City.  There is lots to see and do in Niagara Falls.  For a listing of hotels, restaurants and other attactions, be sure to check out Niagara Falls Tourism.

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